Professional Development Workshops


Success today requires continuous improvement of knowledge and skills, including awareness of professional trends and directions.  The pace of change in professional practice is fast and the scope is global.  There is a constant need to update your personal and organizational abilities to avoid obsolescence. Staying competitive means being capable of handling changes in professional standards or practices, technologies, international relations, and economic trends.  CEO can develop specialized professional development opportunities that are custom designed for the needs of your organization.

CEO can deliver skill-development workshops for faculty, staff and administrators.  CEO can deliver these workshops locally or as part of an international experience intended to promote more effective learning.  The workshops can also be used as models for future student programs. Examples of topic areas include:

Curriculum and Classroom 

  • Curriculum enhancement
  • Classroom management
  • Internationalization
  • Educational technologies


  • Effective communication strategies
  • Multi-cultural communication
  • Beyond distance learning

Language and Culture

  • English in a professional context, such as English for Hospitality and Tourism
  • American Studies
  • Regional or cultural studies


  • Educational leadership
  • Performance management
  • Appraising faculty and staff
  • Planning and budget development

Similar workshops can be developed for other audiences, like business and industry.  Please use the form below to contact us if you are interested in these workshops or if you have a topic that you want to develop.