Dr. Jeremy D. Brown; President, Challis Educational Opportunities

Originally from Manchester, England, Dr. Brown has been in higher education for nearly 35 years either as a researcher (nuclear physics), faculty member or executive administrator; 15 years of this time was spent at Princeton and Yale. Dr. Brown has been President or chief executive officer of 4 different institutions and chief academic officer of two colleges. Dr. Brown has lived in 5 different countries and has visited about 50 countries in total. The globalization of education, providing comprehensive educational opportunities and support, and visionary institutional effectiveness, partnerships, planning and development, are areas where Dr. Brown has had particular success. Most recent presentation: Rethinking Education – Keynote at International E-Business Expo, Hangzhou, China – October 2016

Angel Cardec

Mr. Cardec has over 20 years experience in different academic areas including teaching, international affairs (Assistant Vice-President for Internationalization, University of Central Florida), faculty development, design and implementation of study abroad programs and student affairs (Director, Florida State University-Panama). Mr. Cardec also has 10 years of experience in planning and administration in a wide variety of areas like environmental protection and economic development. Living in a multicultural environment, Mr. Cardec has exceptional skills in working with different populations, cultures and educational systems, as well as in the governmental and the private economic sectors.  In addition, Mr. Cardec has a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of alternative solutions.

Ramona Lagrone

Originally from Texas, Ramona worked initially in the business world with several years of experience in Management, Finance and Operations. Following her business career, Ramona became a high school teacher in Texas and at an international school in Kuwait.

In addition to teaching business courses to high school students, Ramona was charged with a variety of administrative positions in the Texas high school system. She managed the school testing center for standardized test administration and played a key role in the implementation of the Early College program.

Additionally, Ramona counselled hundreds of individual students with all aspects of university preparation, career pathways – helping them to make a successful transition to university.

Lee Ann Peltason

Lee Anne Peltason, an experienced educator and adventurer from South Africa, has devoted her career to teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) and creating immersive learning experiences worldwide. Beginning as a freelance English teacher, she has advanced to roles such as Academic Skills Teacher and Curriculum Designer, refining her expertise in language instruction and curriculum development. Her journey has taken her across continents, working at prestigious institutions in Cape Town, Malta, Tel Aviv, and Thailand.

Beyond traditional classrooms, Lee Anne has made a significant impact through Life Skills training programs in South Africa, demonstrating her commitment to education and community empowerment. Equipped with a Photojournalism degree and certifications including DELTA Cambridge and TESOL Trinity College UK Merit, she continually seeks personal and professional growth, evidenced by her completion of facilitator’s courses and contributions to educational projects in the Eastern Cape. Lee Anne’s dedication to bridging linguistic and cultural gaps reflects her belief in the transformative power of education, inspiring learners worldwide.