Doing more with less, unfunded mandates, assessment, accountability measures, mandatory training, institutional efficiencies, downsizing or rightsizing operations….any of these sound familiar? They share the same requirement for broader, more detailed and greater volumes of data. Given the ever changing world of technology in higher education administration, this usually means greater levels of staffing, retraining of existing staff to learn of latest advances or versions of software packages and more time spent in analysing and presenting the data and the conclusions for a larger audience.

Unfortunately, not every institution has armies of institutional researchers or an abundance of resources to meet the growing demands. Furthermore, there is a tendency to localize these efforts so that essentially, many institutions are re-inventing what has already been accomplished elsewhere. As competition between institutions grows, those that are most nimble, dynamic and best prepared to use data informed decision making are the institutions that will flourish at the expense of their competitors.

Furthermore, the workload in institutional research is not evenly spread throughout the year and therefore there is often need for temporary expert support to assist with special projects, as well as time sensitive reports and unforeseen emergencies. The ramifications for missed deadlines, inaccurate/incomplete data or underdeveloped analyses are significant.

CEO team members have a wide range of expertise on a variety of systems. They are available to meet your IR needs in a variety of areas:

  • Programming support in developing new inquiries
  • Developing an impartial analysis of data generated either by your institution or by CEO experts
  • Preparing clear and concise presentations of data for internal (e.g. higher levels of administration) or external constituents (e.g. agencies or accreditation bodies)
  • Sharing best practices and experiences from other institutions with similar needs