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Considering Entering The Job Market?


Ok, now you are here, which means that you are more than interested in making a move. Most likely, the fact that you are thinking usually means that you will, in the very near future, start to put your cv out. Once this happens, there is normally one outcome; you get a new job.

In getting to this point you have already thought long and hard about the rationale for this transition, i.e. are you looking to change jobs to: move to a different location (perhaps even an international experience), move up, move into administration from a faculty position, leave academia or just get out of your current situation.


Before you embark on this odyssey you should be asking yourself about the type of position you would like and whether it is well suited to your particular experiences and skills. It is not a good idea to aim too high or to set your sights too low such that you would not be challenged and thus on the market again soon after arriving.


Finally, even though there is a lot of volatility in the higher education labor market, it has probably been a while since you were ‘out there.’ This is a particularly stressful process that includes:


  • identifying the type of position you would like,
  • finding the best places to look for job postings,
  • preparing application materials for each opportunity of interest,
  • giving a good account of yourself in an interview,
  • negotiating the terms of your new appointment and,
  • ensuring an amicable separation from your current position, and
  • navigating the unknown territory of a new appointment.


In many instances universities and colleges engage the services of a search consultant to help run the search for them. However, search services for applicants in higher education are less prevalent. Usually we rely on the advice of close friends and colleagues who may not have a broad perspective and who now have knowledge of your plans.


CEO provides a job search service that offers a variety of options from:


  • career guidance – what sort of positions should you consider
  • opportunity research – bringing potential opportunities to your attention
  • advice and review of your cv, application, and other supporting materials
  • interview preparation – phone, skype or campus interviews
  • contract review of job offers
  • communication strategies covering both your current and future colleagues


CEO consultants have extensive experience in higher education employment strategies and have provided support and guidance to individuals who have secured positions as President, Vice President, Dean, Director or faculty at a variety of different institutions. Why not take advantage of this service? It will prove to be an excellent investment in your future!